Rad Max is a rad wave dance punk band from Portland, OR. They were voted most likely to play the training montage song in a straight-to-video b-movie. In between so-bad-it's-rad movie nights, this band blasts out ridiculous songs about alien radios, convenience stores, and magical shutter shades.


Some say that Rad Max came to life when someone put an unmarked VHS tape into a VCR and pressed play. Bursting forth in a flash of neon, they emerged shredding guitar solos and smacking down dance beats.

Rad Max's playful lyrics and catchy hooks rock over a dance beat that can only be truly understood through an 80s movie montage. They often sing about sunglasses, convenience stores, demons, and other bad movie tropes. Aside from straight-to-video movies, Rad Max pulls inspiration from such artists as Nerf Herder, DEVO, The Go-Go's, and Kenny Loggins to create their particular brand of rad wave dance punk. They've quickly become known for their energetic live performances that balance danceable rock-n-roll with tongue-in-cheek dorkiness.

Since their start in 2017, Rad Max has played all around the Pacific Northwest, started their own music-and-movie series called So Bad, It's Rad!, has been featured on Drunk Dials Records, PDX Pop Now!, & Tender Loving Empire compilations, has been featured in a short horror film, and has opened for touring acts such as Daikaiju and MDC.

Rewind that VHS, hit play, and get ready for b-movie rock fest that is Rad Max.


The Go-Go's, Nerf Herder, Josie & the Pussycats, 80s movie montage songs


“So Convenient” is the latest single from Portland, OR's own Rad Max. A tribute to all the wonderful things you can find at the local convenience store. Big stick of beef jerky? Check. Tiny roses in glass? Check. Some dude doing kung-fu? You better believe that's a check.

The vocals playfully hop around the post-punk verses and then soar into the melodic choruses to create a conveniently-timed song for our modern, need-it-yesterday world. Just try not to get a brain freeze while listening.


Rad Max - “So Convenient” (single)
Release date: 7/14/2023

Recorded in Rad Greg's basement
Engineered, mixed, & mastered by Connor Sheehan
Produced by Rad Max

Rad Max - “Straight to Video” (album)
Release date: 4/10/2020

All songs produced, recorded, and mixed by Larry Crane at Jackpot! Recording Studio.
Mastered by Tanner Cundy (Labyrinth Blue Studios).



Faster and Louder

“No matter how depressing this world gets, it's impossible to not feel good when a Rad Max song is playing.”

Fanboys (a Hard Times podcast)

“Loading the 80s into a shotgun and sticking it directly into your mouth.”

Faster and Louder

“Rad Max have done a fine job of honing in on aspects of the '80s that were completely awesome, absolutely ridiculous, and in many cases both. The whole reason that '80s fetishism endures is that the '80s really were that cool. And it's not likely that Rad Max will run out of movies, TV shows, and fashion trends from the '80s to write songs about. When it's safe to congregate in bars and clubs again, Straight to Video ought to be a fixture of every '80s night ever!”

The Punk Site

“Rad Max blend punk, pop and add a few rock flourishes, because you can’t reference the eighties properly without a touch of big haired rock.”


“I’m still trying to figure out how they sneak THIN LIZZY leads into an Anthony Michael Hall montage”

Northwest Music Scene (100 Bands in 100 Days)

“Easily one of the funnest bands we’ve heard during this year’s campaign but don’t let the zaniness of the lyrics fool you, this band is dead serious about kicking out high energy jams that will get you out of your seat.”

Audio Ammunition

“This release reminds me of Boris the Sprinkler coupled with Eddie Money cheese infused mochismo.”


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